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  1. Zuludal

    Jun 26,  · “Ambulance Blues” is eight minutes of quiet surrealism which somehow always surprises, despite the only instruments being Neil’s acoustic & harmonica, Ben Keith’s bass and, of .
  2. Kagataur

    Neil Young - Ambulance Blues Lyrics. Back in the old folky days The air was magic when we played The riverboat was rockin' in the rain Midnight was the time for the raid Oh, Is.
  3. Tedal

    Ambulance Blues Neil Young. On the Beach. Neil Young. The other tabs on this website were all basically right, but none of them seemed to have the intro/verse tabbed. properly. The strumming pattern is D D U D U D U, and. once you have that the rest is easy. This tab is by no.
  4. Faesho

    Neil Young "Ambulance Blues": Back in the old folky days The air was magic when we played The riverboat was rockin' In the rain Mi.
  5. Mozragore

    Jun 20,  · Steve Vetter Ambulance Blues Words and Music by Neil Young typed by Steve Vetter *Tune guitar down one step, but I think it sounds all right if you don't* C F Back in the old folky days Am Em D The air was magic when we played C F The river boat was rocking in the rain Am Em D Midnight was the time for the raid G Oh Isabella, Proud Isabella Am They tore you down and plowed you under .
  6. Morg

    Accessing the archive The Chord/Tab archive is fully integrated with the rest of the data across It's All One Song! When viewing the lyrics and details of any Neil Young song, if Chord/Tab for the song is available, this button will be on the page.
  7. Brajind

    Jan 25,  · G Oh Mother Goose, she's on the skids Am Sure ain't happy, neither are the kids Bm C She needs someone that she can scream at G D And I'm such a heel for making her feel so bad C F I guess I'll call it sickness gone Am Em D It's hard to say the meaning to this song C F An ambulance can only go so fast Am Em D It's easy to get buried in the past.
  8. Vozshura

    Ambulance Blues song meanings Add your thoughts 28 Comments. sort form. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First +7. General CommentWhat an appropriate song to end "On The Beach." I think it deals with the inevitable process of aging and passing of a generation.

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