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  1. Mur

    2 Introduction: What is string theory? String theory is a quantum theory of 1D objects called strings. These strings come in open (free endpoints) and closed (connected endpoints) varieties. Slightly more rigorously, it can be de ned as a quantum eld theory on the (1+1) dimensional worldsheet of the string, S= R d2˙L string.
  2. Niramar

    an interacting theory, there is an indication of a possible unification of Yang-Mills theories (the gauge theories that make up the standard model) with general relativity. This is the basis for the claim that string theory could be a ‘theory of everything’. Furthermore, at low energies, string theories reduce to specific conventional.
  3. Samugis

    Leonard Susskind: Susskind is another founder of string raycarsimpsicaperranavitytyre.xyzinfo he recounts in his book The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design, he saw the original dual resonance model equations and thought they looked similar to equations for oscillators, which led him to create the string description — concurrently with Yoichiro Nambu and Holger Nielson.
  4. Akir

    What is string theory? String theory is an attempt to describe all particles and all forces in nature in one unified theoretical framework. It encompasses quantum mechanics and gravity, and it is based on the idea that the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but strings: objects which have some length, and which can vibrate in different ways.
  5. Monos

    String Theory in a Nutshell (McMahon) and Superstring Theory (Green, Schwarz and Witten), along with the lecture notes of David Tong, sometimes word-for-word. Contents 1. Introduction/Overview 5 Motivation for String Theory 5 What is String Theory 8 Types of String Theories 8.
  6. Mazugar

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  7. Kazrajind

    The Art Of String Theory presents an Indigenous String Finger Art Experience. A looped piece of string is woven between the fingers, teeth, neck, toes or even other peoples fingers and hands to create Crocodiles, Water Lilly’s, Turtles, Dugongs, Out-rigger Canoes, Stars, Butterflies, Dragonflies and coastal lifestyle String Finger Art shapes.
  8. Gora

    String theory, in particle physics, a theory that attempts to merge quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein’s general theory of raycarsimpsicaperranavitytyre.xyzinfo name string theory comes from the modeling of subatomic particles as tiny one-dimensional “stringlike” entities rather than the more conventional approach in which they are modeled as zero-dimensional point particles.

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