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  1. Gum

    Apr 25,  · The Putt-Chip is the simplest of all chip techniques, and yet it is a very useful finesse shot for golfers of all levels. For the novice golfer, for the golfer who is not yet confident with his chipping technique, or as a “go to” shot under extreme pressure, the Putt-Chip will give you the confidence to attack the hole from close to the green, even from an imperfect lie – giving you far.
  2. Zolobar

    "Putt whenever you can putt. When you can't putt, chip. Pitch only when you can't chip." The concept that Craig shared is simple. You always try to land the ball just onto the first foot or two of the putting green and let it roll out the remaining distance to the hole. The motion is always the same, your standard, natural putting stroke.
  3. Gugis

    Oct 31,  · Here are a few top tips to teach you how to chip a golf ball. These are 15 tips to make a great golf chip shot worthy of admiration: #1- Pick the Target Spot. The first thing that you need to do is pick your target spot. This is the place where you want the ball to land. #2 – Visualize.
  4. Daijind

    The chip shot is unlike the pitch shot in that the ball will not have a high trajectory, and most of the distance the shot carries will be on the ground as the ball rolls toward the hole. It is time to chip the golf ball when the golfer is close to, but not actually on, the green with nothing between himself and the flagstick but open area.
  5. Gunris

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  6. Voodoogar

    The golf chipping tips in this instruction video just on setup alone will ensure that you always catch the golf ball cleanly, so pay close attention to the tip on ball position. If you want to learn to chip a golf ball like the pros, you must have the ball further up in your stance than most people realize.
  7. Dom

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  8. Nisida

    Jun 09,  · A chip is a tactical shot in golf where the player lifts the ball into the air. Once the ball hits the ground, a proper chip will result in a long roll. Chipped shots are perfect if your ball is buried in the grass or if you're trying to navigate a downhill slope. [1] X Research source Whether you.
  9. Vudojind

    May 12,  · Hula Hoop Chip. The best part of this chip is that you can practice this chip in a local park or even in your front yard. For this chip, you need to make a circle or a hula hoop around the hole with a string. From yards interval, set the golf ball and hit it. Thus, chip it within the hoop.

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