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  1. Donos

    Isn’t the love of Jesus something wonderful, Wonderful, wonderful, O, Isn’t the love of Jesus something wonderful! Wonderful it is to me. Boundless as the universe around me Reaching to the farthest soul away, Saving, keeping love it was that found me, That is why my heart can truly say.
  2. Zulule

    His name is wonderful; Jesus my Lord. He’s the great Shepherd; The Rock of all ages Almighty God is He. Bow down before Him; Love and adore Him His name is wonderful; Jesus my Lord. His name is wonderful; His name is wonderful His name is wonderful; Jesus my Lord. He is the mighty King; Master of everything His name is wonderful; Jesus (my.
  3. Mauzil

    Wonderful grace of Jesus Reaching the most defiled By its transforming power Making him God's dear child Purchasing peace and Heaven for all eternity For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me [Chorus].
  4. Daira

    It was wonderful that the Red Sea should open to make a highway for Israel, and wonderful that the sun should stand still for Joshua. Let us see whether Jesus was true to His name. His birth was wonderful, for no other ever occurred that was like it.
  5. Arashizil

    Wonderful Jesus Hardcover – January 1, by Charles S. Ludwig (Author) out of 5 stars 1 rating. See all 2 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New 5/5(1).
  6. Zutaxe

    Jan 02,  · Jesus’ kind of wonderful is awe-inspiring and superior to any other kind, for He is perfect in every way (Matthew ). The second part of the Messiah’s title is the word counselor. In ancient Israel, a counselor was portrayed as a wise king, such as Solomon, giving guidance to his people (1 Kings ; Micah ).
  7. Vudokazahn

    Lyrics to 'Wonderful Jesus' by S'fiso Ncwane. God all mighty jesus christ / I wanna take this chance to thank you. / you took me from no where / And u made me something / Thats why am sayx thank you /.
  8. Ditaxe

    Jun 30,  · Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus · Taiwan Gospel Book Room Children Teaching Hymns 2: The Fruit of the Spirit Released on: Artist: Taiwan Gospel Book .

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